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> I think I finally figured out why E-gold has been losing bars while the
> other GBC have been growing rapidly since the attack. About one half of
> E-Gold's gold, is in Dubai! How safe will that gold be in the coming months,
> if the Arab nations become united against the US?

Since e-dinar is e-gold is e-dinar is e-gold, at the moment, the
integrity of the e-gold system is not particularly hurt by the Dubai
holdings (though one's first thought is otherwise). Even if the current
bad political climate worsens in this regard. It would most likely
simply hasten the intended complete split of e-gold and e-dinar into two
completely separate, non-incestuous entities and strengthen their
relative positions with the various groups that would feel catered to --
e-dinar for the "Islamic World" and e-gold for the "Western World".


That's my 2 cents worth.
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P.S.: The owner of two-cents-worth.com should add GoldMoney to its
P.P.S.: Let me emphasize that I do not speak for e-gold, or e-dinar. The
above is just my opinion based on observations of current events, and
past discussions with various individuals in the digital gold community.

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