Deen Foxx wrote:

> Right now, e-gold's spend page is ugly and confusing,

I think it is neither. I find it simple and effective. Therefore
not ugly. Form follows function and all that ...  It wouldn't surprise
me if Frank Loyd Wright left it alone.

> and it is a problem trying to get some users to understand e-gold's
> interface.

If you had free reign over the design of that page you would still
have the same problem with some people. It's human nature.

What ever sight e-gold users make a spend at has the same e-gold 
spend page. I see this as a positive. Similar to sites advertizing
what credit cards they accept. They use the same cc logos. I don't
see any problem separating the aesthetics of a businesses site and
the aesthetics of a payment system.

> However.  If e-gold does NOT provide this option, I am going to make our own
> spend page that does require the users to place passwords on our site, that
> will be passed by our program to e-gold's site.  We would, of course, offer
> e-gold's interface as an option for those who do not trust us.  However, the
> best of both worlds would be that e-gold allows us to present the layout and
> color scheme of the spend page on their web-site so that we are
> not condembed for attempting to get e-gold users passwords.

Asking your customers for their e-gold account password? 
Now that's ballsy! I wouldn't dare do that. Of course people
have a right to dig their own grave and you have a right to
sell them the shovel (Lizard said that).

> Image is everything.  

Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. I guess it depends on what your
business is about. What type of image you're going after.


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