Dear Rajesh,

I do not know where you can find this document, but we have written some little 
wiki pages
that could help. These infos are quite old now, but it should still work.

How to cross compile for the e-puck :

How to establish bluetooth connections :

With this you are able to compile and upload a binary... which is the the most 
You can get inspiration from this page for instance :

to see how to write a basic controller, and compile it. 
Many tools are provided in the svn of the gna community, I guess you know it 
given that you sent a mail here.
In this repository you will find the script epuckupload, you will also find 
many examples and libraries useful
to control the sensors / actuators of the robot.

Hope this helps,
best wishes
alexandre campo.

On Sun, 23 Nov 2008 01:16:59 -0500
"Rajesh kumar Medampudi" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> I am Rajesh Medampudi from Temple University Philadelphia. I am unable to
> find the document "Tutorial for programming the e-puck robot in linux "....
> There has been a little info about it in a lot of documentation but it is no
> where to be found... Could any one help me in this regard as i am trying to
> setup my computer to work with the e-pucks.
> Rajesh

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