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Dr. Mondada:

The 278 robots demo is very fascinating, I wonder after the system synchronized, how did you manage to arrange the group achieve an specified e-puck icon, as in the video?

Since each bot does not have localization on it, I suspect the bots were preset in the desired shape, and run a random walking (with obstacle avoidance) after the balloon blast, and show us the video in reverse? Just some wild guess.

Very good guess. It's not a secret; without localization, this is exactly the way we made: the robot were placed on the logo, then a balloon blast was used to have a synchronous start. Then just obstacle avoidance. The video is then played in reverse. The goal was a good visual effect, not to prove any robotic feature.

Best regards

Looking forward to your answer.
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To have a common timing for all robots for our video with 278 robots
we used a balloon explosion detected by a simple threshold on the
microphones.... this gives a nice synchro and is easy to implement.

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