Dear Carmen,


Strange situation you have. It might be from different sources.

The best to start the trials is with a simple terminal program like
HyperTerminal if you use windows or minicom on linux. At least it does not
hang if there is no answer.

Are you able to upload compiled code using the tinybootloader?

If this works the communication channel is well handled by your


Let me know how we can help further.

Good luck,


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Subject: [E-puck-user] Problem in Bluetooth communication


I write from an University of Spain.
Recently we purchased an e-puck. 
We've checked ePic and Epuck Monitor with differents versions of BTcom and
Advanced Sercom, and always the BlueTooth communication gets cut off from
the e-puck's side. Sometimes we can run the program (ePic or Epuck Monitor)
more than one minute, and sometimes only some seconds, because of the cut of
the communication. When it happens, in Epuck Monitor arise an error and in
ePic (Matlab) we have two differents warnings. I've checked by a Spy of Com
ports, that is the e-puck that doesn't send a response.
I don't know if the source of this problem could be the BluetTooth USB
dongle that We use, or the drivers, or the O.S. (Windows XP) ...

Any clue?

Thank you in advance,

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