Hi Jannik,

You can effectively write your controller using Python (or C++, Java or
Matlab...). Actually, the Python API of Webots is simply a wrapper of the C
API. While this should work well in simulation and in the remote-control
mode, this should also obviously not work in the cross compilation mode (in
this case C controllers are required).

About the emitter and the receiver devices, they are currently not
implemented over the e-puck.
In simulation, they can work by simply adding these devices into the e-puck
definition (I think it's already the case; the e-puck prototype should
contain them).
A side effect imply that they also work in remote control. Indeed, as they
are not implemented in the remote-control, they are simulated by Webots. So
when you think to send a message from one e-puck to another in remote
control, all the messages are actually handled into Webots.
But this trick will unfortunately not work if you use several instances of
Webots as you expect...

I'm aware of these problems and will try to improve the situation because
(I'm working currently on a new system to do the remote control into Webots,
and I will use the e-puck as an example of this). Meanwhile, the only
solution I see is to not use Webots to do this, and certainly not Python

About the best location of such kind of message, I guess that when it's
concerning Webots, the Webots mailing list is more appropriated...

Fabien Rohrer

2010/9/15 <jan...@stud.ntnu.no>

> Hi,
> This issue might have been addressed before, but I'm new and not
> integrated in the e-puck
> community yet.
> I'm programming in Python and using webots to simulate and test my code.
> Webots provides me with a controller file (.py) to send messages to
> the e-puck robot.
> My question is fairly simple - Is there any way to communicate
> (between two actual
> e-pucks) in python?
> The controller.py file includes the devices emitter and receiver, but
> this never sends an
> actual signal, at least not in python.
> The plan is to make 4-5 e-pucks (over several laptops, because of the
> bluetooth
> bottleneck) act as a swarm.
> If anyone can guide me in the right direction (like forums) I would be
> grateful.
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