the first thing you can do is checking the error code returned by the function in the LMX9838 datasheet to have some clues.

You can have a look also here http://www.gctronic.com/doc/index.php/E-Puck#Bluetooth_Communication_Testing_-_robot_to_robot (...the code isn't much cleaned).

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Moh'd Zeyad <crash_0...@hotmail.com> ha scritto:

Dear sir,
I am having problem connecting two e-pucks together:problem is here: do { c=e_bt_connect_epuck(); } while(c!=0); the code is stuck in "c=e_bt_connect_epuck();".I can see the two BT leds on the two e-pucks running.
What to do now ? please help.Thank you in advance

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