Thank you for your reply Sergi. In my code I configured the camera to capture the whole 640x480 image which is scaled by a zoom factor of 8 in x and y to give a 80x60 image. I also set it to be in greyscale so only 1 byte per pixel is needed. Which is why I didn't think the problem was the buffer being too small or me not interpreting the data into rgb properly.

The data the camera gives me is basically garbage, it's mostly empty 0x00 or 0x08 and the data doesn't seem to be affected when I put my hand over the camera. I've attached an example of the image data the epuck running the code below sends back.

Perhaps I have incorrect drivers for the camera or something? I read somewhere that there are sometimes po6030k cameras on the epuck. How do I tell which one my robot has?


On 14/02/11 16:35, Sergi Torrellas wrote:
Hi Jenny,

I tried to do exactly the same.
What you get from the e-puck is 40x40 bytes of  an RGB code (2bytes).
Have a look at the datasheet of the camera, there is an explanation
there of the codification.
You can create the an image file (jpg, bmp, png) by using this array of

Hope that helps,


2011/2/14 Jenny Owen < <>>

    Hello all,
    I've been working on some code which tells the epuck to take a
    picture with its camera and then send it to my computer via
    bluetooth. The problem is that when the camera takes a picture, the
    data it creates is rubbish. I've looked at sample code in the
    library documentation and the epuck player drivers and I can't tell
    where my code is going wrong.
    Anyway, this is the code that is running on the epuck:

    #include <uart/e_uart_char.h>
    #include <motor_led/e_init_port.h>
    #include <camera/fast_2_timer/e_po3030k.h>

    #define CAM_BUFFER_SIZE 80*60
    unsigned char cam_buffer[CAM_BUFFER_SIZE];

    void init_cam(void)
            e_po3030k_config_cam(0, 0, ARRAY_WIDTH, ARRAY_HEIGHT, 8, 8,

    void capture(void)
            e_po3030k_launch_capture((char *)cam_buffer);

    int main(void)

            e_send_uart1_char("photography ", 12);

            char ch;
            //get ch from uart until we receive an x
            while(ch != 'x')
                    //is_char checks for incoming data from uart1

            //send buffer contents to bluetooth
            e_send_uart1_char((char *)cam_buffer, CAM_BUFFER_SIZE);

            //wait to finish sending

            return 0;

    So the camera is taking a 640 x 480 greyscale image and scaling it
    down to an 80x60 image. This is then sent to my computer across
    uart1. On my computer I've tried reading the data through the
    terminal in TinyBld which gives me raw data which looks like:

                                  û    û    û    û
                                           ÿ    ÿ    etc. When I
    converted that to an image it was basically a black retangle with
    some lighter grey pixels.
    I thought maybe the problem was with the bluetooth connection, but
    when I try and use the data for other things in the epuck it's clear
    the camera isn't filling the buffer with data properly. I also tried
    running the BTcom/epuck monitor program, and with that code the
    camera worked properly so it's not a broken camera either.

    I'm not sure what else the problem could be, does anyone here have
    any ideas?


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    ÿ    ÿ    ÿ    ÿ                                                            
  ÿ    ÿ    ÿ    ÿ                                                              
ÿ    ÿ    ÿ                                                                     



                                   ÿ    ÿ    ÿ    ÿ                             
                                 ÿ    ÿ    ÿ    ÿ                               
                               ÿ    ÿ    ÿ    ÿ                                 
                             ÿ    ÿ    ÿ    ÿ                                   
                           ÿ    ÿ    ÿ    ÿ                                     
                         ÿ    ÿ    ÿ                                            

          ÿ    ÿ    ÿ    ÿ                        y    y    y    y              
        ÿ    ÿ    ÿ    ÿ    †    †    †    †    y    y    y    y                
      ÿ    ÿ    ÿ    ÿ    †    †    †    †    y    y    y    y                  
    ÿ    ÿ    ÿ    ÿ    †    †    †    †    y    y    y    y                    
  ÿ    ÿ    ÿ    ÿ    †    †    †    †    y    y    y    y                      
ÿ    ÿ    ÿ    ÿ    †    †    †    †    y    y    y    y                     ÿ  
   ÿ    ÿ                                                                       
           ÿ    ÿ    ÿ    ÿ                        y    y    y    y             
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