Hi Duarte,
nice testing of the battery ;-)
you where probably a bit unlucky as in your case only the battery should have suffered. However it probably caused some voltage spike that damaged the protection circuit of the e-puck.
or maybe just the contact that got oxydated by the high current.
well, difficult to say.
you could test to power the e-puck externally and measure the current.
Or you could send it back for check and repair.


On 20:59, Duarte Dias wrote:
I once inserted the battery into the e-puck and, by mistake, had the protection of the positive side of the battery removed, thus causing a short circuit in the battery (this was expirienced by a suddenly change of the battery's temperature). After this the e-puck doesn't work anymore. I switched the batteries and still not working (the batteries were fully recharged). What happened to the e-puck? How can I fix it?
Could anyone help me?

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