Dear Amalia,

you can find an example in c++ here (source code
direct link is
In particular have a look at the file comm.cpp for the communication

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Il 05.11.2014 14:51, Amalia Istiqlali Adiba ha scritto:

Dear e-puck users

My name is Amalia and i am a mechanical engineering student.
I have tried to control an e-puck by using MATLAB with epic2
and i was successfully control the speed, get the proximity value, or
control the LED light,

Currently, i need to control an e-puck by using visual c++
is there any a tutorial documentation or a library that i can use
(such as epic2) in c++?
And how to control the connection between e-puck and visual c++?

Thank you in advance

Amalia Istiqlali Adiba
Bio-systems Engineering Laboratory
Division of Biongineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Graduate School of Engineering Science
Osaka University
080-4646-1988 (Softbank)

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