you should use the "Tiny
program to upload a new hex to the e-puck robot.
Are you working in Windows right?
Did you previously succeed in uploading a new firmware to the e-puck?
Because if your update procedure works before and now doesn't work
anymore the problem might be that the bootloader is corrupted, in this
case you need the programmer (ICD2 or ICD3).

Best regards,


Il 19.12.2014 12:12, wei wang ha scritto:

2014-12-19 11:59 GMT+01:00 wei wang <wei.wang0...@gmail.com

    Dear all,

    We are Masters final year students (UPMC, Paris) working on a
    project the objectives of which involve servoing an e-puck. We are
    facing a serious problem consisting in the impossibility to upload
    any code to the robot via bluetooth either using EpuckMonitor or
    X-CTU. The communication keeps failing even though we strictly
    followed the instructions on the official website (selector placed
    in position 3).
    Hence, we write to you to solicit your assistance. Did anyone have
    met the above-described issue?And how did you solved it?

    Thank you in advance.
    The e-puck visual servoing project team

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