Chris Jones wrote:
> Hi
> Brandeburg, Jesse wrote:
>> yeah, running ibautil appears to pretty well kill many part's NVM.
> Ah, damn.

upon some follow up questions it appears that ibautil should only ever
be run on Intel branded PCI/PCI-X/PCIe adapters that plug into a slot.
It may have a bug which allows you to run it where you should not.
>> I've been working a similar thread on the e1000-devel mailing list. 
>> The good news is that the LAN parts eeprom is part of the NVM/Flash
>> on the motherboard, so it is at least possible for the bios to fix
>> it. 
> Right now my BIOS says my MAC address is "Not applicable".

the nvm section that either points to your LAN init area or the NVM
section pointed to by that pointer is invalid now.
>> I am relatively sure that this isn't a driver bug, do you have iAMT
>> enabled/system management (aka the ME) on your x300?
> I'm pretty sure the AMT stuff is disabled in the BIOS.
>> which model x300?
> 6478-14G
>> if you're comfortable, I would appreciate you resending this to
> cc'd (and so apologies for the lack of decent quoting, I'm leaving all
> of our mails so the list archive has it.
>> With you, this is basically three users that have this problem and
>> are reporting to us.  A lenovo R61, an HP laptop, and your X300. 
>> Three completely different designs.
> I can't speak to the hardware, but it's been my experience that my
> X300 has very similar intel chips in it to an X61, so it's entirely
> possible that the R61 has similar parts too.

Right, even looks like bioses are the same.  X61 (I have one) has an
82573 part on it, which is a LAN part that is not integrated into the
chipset, but I think the NVM for that part can be integrated into the
>> You can try a bios update to reinstall your current version, or
>> downgrade then upgrade again.
> I was running lenovo's 1.04 bios. I downloaded 1.05b and it's not
> changed anything. Perhaps the updates don't necessarily rewrite the
> entire BIOS and include the NVM?

Yes, not all bioses will upgrade the NVM for the lan.  Chances are good
that if the file size is larger it will upgrade more of the NVM,
hopefully upgrading the LAN NVM as well (check the release notes)

I've also procured a thinkpad R61 pre-production for some testing next

Telling us anything that you might have done which could help us
reproduce this would be appreciated.


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