On 16/09/16 20:15, Pablo Escobar Lopez wrote:

> I remember we have commented in some hackathon (while having some beers
> I think) about the possibility of distributing easybuild as a
> self-contained app. Using something like mini-conda
> (http://conda.pydata.org/miniconda.html) with easybuild already
> installed on top of hit could do the trick. With this approach
> installing easybuild would be as simple as uncompressing a tarball,
> modifying PATH and use it (supposing a modules tool is already
> available). Has this been discussed again or it got lost with the beers?
> ;)   

The downside to that is it limits support to Intel hardware, it'd be
nicer to have something that could be more widely available.

Plus, that's yet another version of Python to manage.. :-(

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Chris (you are lost in a maze of conflicting Python dependencies, all alike)

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