Hi Riccardo,

On 18/07/16 15:32, Riccardo Murri wrote:

as I'm trying to compile RELION with EB, I get an "unresolved
dependency" error for a dependency that's been filtered out::

     $ eb --filter-deps=libX11 
     ERROR: Failed to process easyconfig 
/apps/easybuild/ebfiles/r/RELION/RELION-1.4-foss-2015a-singleprecision.eb: No 
easyconfig for {'external_module_metadata': {}, 'full_mod_name': None, 
'toolchain': {'version': '2015a', 'name': 'foss'}, 'name': 'libX11', 'dummy': 
False, 'short_mod_name': None, 'external_module': False, 'versionsuffix': 
'-Python-2.7.8', 'version': '1.6.3', 'toolchain_inherited': True, 'hidden': 
False, 'build_only': False} that matches toolchain hierarchy generated by 
{'version': '2015a', 'name': 'foss'}

Why isn't `--filter-deps` honored here?

I have tried both EB 2.8.0 and 2.8.2 FWIW.

Hmm, that's weird...

It looks like this has something to do with --minimal-toolchains being enabled, is that right?

Do you mind sharing both the easyconfig file you're using, and the output of "eb --show-config"?



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