On 16/08/16 17:15, Heywood, Todd wrote:
Ah, but there is already a Singularity easyconfig :-). Do “eb –S”.

I sort of agree with you though.

It *is* useful to have Singularity only in userland...

From the FAQ:

Do you need administrator privileges to use Singularity?

You do not need admin/sudo to use Singularity containers. You do however need admin/root access to install Singularity and to build/manage your containers and images, but to use the containers you do not need any additional privileges to run programs within it.

That set, I would expect that you can 'patch' the installation afterwards easily to give it admin privileges where needed, no? Seems like 'just' a matter of figuring out what needs admin privileges exactly, and how?

Seems like you both need a 'chown' and a 'chmod 4755': https://github.com/gmkurtzer/singularity/blob/master/src/Makefile.am#L13



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Hi Todd,
Looking at what Singularity is (http://singularity.lbl.gov/), that is a
container technology, I would say that this is not the kind of thing
that you want to install through EasyBuild...

This is something that should be installed by an admin, directly on the


On 16-08-16 10:01, Heywood, Todd wrote:
I am trying to build Singularity:  http://singularity.lbl.gov/#install

This requires that the “make install” step be performed as root (sudo make 
install). But Easybuild doesn’t (like to) let you build as root, and an 
attempted hack of just chmod-ing stuff to root:root after the build doesn’t 

What would be the advisable way to proceed? An new ConfigureMake easyblock that 
has “sudo” in the “make install” step?


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