Hi Folks,

I could use help with version numbering on a new toolchain.

I manage a GPU cluster and am in the process of adding support for newer versions of CUDA. I'm working on CUDA 7.5 along with the FOSS tools from foss/2016a. When CUDA 8.0 comes out (soon) it can be paired with foss/2016b.

The existing toolchain is gcccuda-2.6.10, which includes CUDA 5.5 and GCC 4.8.2. I'm talking about moving to CUDA 7.5 and GCC 4.9.3-2.25.

In that context, what version number should I give gcccuda? If CUDA 5 was major version 2, then CUDA 6 would be version 3 and CUDA 7 would be version 4? Bump up to gcccuda-4.0.0? And to gcccuda-5.0.0 when CUDA 8.0 comes out?

Once this is settled I'll submit pull requests on github for gcccuda, gompic, and goolfc with the newer version of CUDA and suitable GCC, OpenMPI, etc.


Eliot Eshelman
Microway, Inc.

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