On 16-08-24 11:48, Vanzo, Davide wrote:
I agree that the current toolchain version numbering is quite confusing.
One question about date numbering: what if somebody wants to downgrade one of the toolchain elements? Maybe a micro version number would still be useful for this task.

Toolchain versioning is bound to always be confusing, whatever the choices are. A micro-version number won't solve the question... which element of the toolchain was downgraded (or upgraded) ? My claim is that date numbering makes more sense than incremental version numbering... not that it makes actual sense. Lesser of two evils.

That, in fact, is precisely why I'm against exposing toolchains to users. Toolchains are a necessary burden because of the way EasyBuild is made, but are very awkward for users (not even mentioning their obscure naming...)



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