Dear EasyBuilders,

For the upcoming EasyBuild v3.0.0 (which will hopefully materialize sometime in the coming months), we plan to deprecate a bunch of old and inactive toolchains and toolchain versions.

All details, including what deprecation means exactly and why we are doing is, are (for now) available on the following page on the EasyBuild wiki: . Once we have settled on the list of toolchains to deprecate, I will move that page to the official EasyBuild documentation at .

I would like to ask you to take a quick look at the list of toolchains we plan to deprecate; see

The current list of toolchains we plan to deprecate is included below, but I will update the wiki page according to the provided feedback if needed.

cgmpolf, cgoolf, cgmpich, cgmvapich2, cgompi, ClangGCC: all versions
gimkl and gimpi: (only) version 1.5.9
gmacml: (only) version 1.7.0
gmpolf and gmpich: (only) version 1.4.8
gmvolf + gmvapich2: (only) versions 1.7.12, 1.7.12rc1, 1.6.7, and 1.7.9a2
goalf: all versions (1.1.0-no-OFED, 1.5.12-no-OFED, 1.5.12)
goolf and gompi: (only) versions 1.4.10-no-OFED, 1.4.12-no-OFED,1.5.12, and 1.5.14-no-OFED
goolfc, gompic, gcccuda: all versions (1.3.12, 1.4.10, 2.6.10)
gpsolf and gpsmpi: all versions (2014.12)
ictce and iimpi (+ matching iccfort versions): (only) versions 3.2.2.u3, 3.2.2.u3-32bit, 4.0.6, 4.0.10, 4.1.13, 5.1.1, 6.0.5, 6.3.5
iqacml + iiqmpi: all versions (3.3.0, 4.4.13)
intel-para + ipsmpi: all versions (2014.12)
iomkl + iompi: 4.6.13, 6.6.2, 6.6.4, 6.6.4-no-OFED

If you are still actively relying on any of these, please step forward to let us know, so we can reconsider deprecating those particular toolchains if needed. Note that deprecating these toolchains does *not* (necessarily) mean that easyconfigs using them will be broken in EasyBuild v3.0.0, only that these easyconfigs will no longer be actively tested or maintained in the future, and that they will not be available by default in future EasyBuild releases.



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