We used EB for all the dependencies (Python, Swig, PCRE, Bazel) when
building a GPU-enabled TF 0.9.0 on our Cray systems.

Building TF itself required a couple of ugly tweaks (see [1]), I was not
convinced that it would work so I didn’t bother to create the .eb for

So far the users didn’t complain much about this build, so I assume it is
working. You can find the .eb files we used for Python, Swig, PCRE and
Bazel on [2].

I hope it helps.


[2] https://github.com/eth-cscs/tools/tree/master/easybuild/easyconfigs

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Subject: [easybuild] caffe/mxnet/tensorflow easyconfigs

>Has anyone got (working) easyconfigs for caffe, mxnet and tensorflow they
>are willing to share? Any work in progress is also appreciated, so we
>could help with these. For Caffe I've already found
>-rc3-intel-2016a-Python-2.7.11.eb and
>https://github.com/hpcugent/easybuild-easyconfigs/pull/3667/files. The
>first is not working (at least for us) and the second is foss toolchain
>based, while we prefer intel toolchain based.
>Thanks in advance.
>Kind regards,
>Erik Smeets
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