Hi Satish,

I have updated the wrf easyblock so that it can also build WRF-Chem, and I also 
have easyconfigs for WRF and WPS 3.8.1. All that's not merged yet into the 
official repos, but I'll see if I can put the code online sometime next week.


Am 11. August 2017 07:20:40 MESZ schrieb Satish Sherikar 
>I am working at Indian Institute of tropical meteorology (IITM) Pune,
>as a HPC application Engineer.
>The users of this organization needs weather related application like
>and WPS which already available in EasyBuild.
>I want to know do you have any planning for the below models?
>1. CFS (Climate Forecast System) model
>2. GFS (Global Forecast System) model
>3. HWRF( Hurricane WRF) model
>4. WRF-Chem
>5. MOM5 (Modular Ocean Model)
>6. DNS (Direct Numerical Simulation) Model
>Please let us know if you have any planning for these above models.
>Thank You!
>Satish Sherikar

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