I am having grief building boost for intel 2018a 
(Boost-1.66.0-intel-2018a-Python-3.6.4.eb) it looks for the source at 
http://download.sourceforge.net/boost/boost_1_66_0.tar.gz, which doesn’t work 
any longer. A working URL is e.g. 
which looks as if sourceforge restructured their URLs. The config specifies

source_urls = [SOURCEFORGE_SOURCE]

sources = [‘%%(namelower)s_%s.tar.gz’ % ‘_’.join(version.split(‘.’))]

which implies, if the change is general to all sourceforge projects, the 
SOURCEFORGE_SOURCE needs a general fix.

Not sure this was reported before. Any comments? Should I put an issue report? 
Against easyconfigs or easyblocks?

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