Dear List,

I apologize upfront if this question has been asked multiple times before (I 
feel I have seen it, but don't find it anymore). 

We're currently preparing a few recipes and would like to use Intel 2018.2, 
meaning icc/icpc/ifort 18.0.2 and mpi 2018.2.199 instead of version 1 thats in 
intel-2018a. To give back something, I was thinking of submitting them for the 
first time (yay), but wonder if it makes sense to specify as toolchain intel 
2018.02 then, or if I should instead use 2018a? This still somehow baffles me. 
We like to have most things build with the latest compilers. Hope someone can 
shed some light on this for me.

Best Greetings
André Gemünd
Fraunhofer-Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing
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