Howdy Kenneth,

For example, I'm trying to build IPython and as
a Bundle with extensions trying to fetch files from:

which doesn't exist.



(which is  IPython-6.4-foss-2017b-Python-3.6.3.eb here).

I saw some issues in framework covering problems
with the templates in extensions.  Should
I change all the hard-coded dirs for extensions
as just PYPI_SOURCE and let EB handle the rest?

Jack Perdue
Lead Systems Administrator
High Performance Research Computing
TAMU Division of Research
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On 07/11/2018 12:50 PM, Kenneth Hoste wrote:
Hi Jack,

On 11/07/2018 01:38, Jack Perdue wrote:
As recently as a week or two ago, the "legacy"
PyPi site was still serving files from old source_urls.

That no longer seems to be the case.

And the new URLs seem to be a random mess.

Has anyone pondered how to deail with this?

EasyBuild has dealt with this for a while (since v2.8.0), by auto-translating PyPI URLs, see .

Are you saying that functionality is broken?

Seems to be working fine (we also check this in the framework test suite, of course):

$ python -c "from test.framework.utilities import init_config; from import derive_alt_pypi_url; init_config(); print derive_alt_pypi_url('')"

INFO: This is (based on) vsc.install.shared_setup 0.11.2

The source tarball can be downloaded using "curl -OL" just fine...



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