Dear developer,

Recently I installed the newest version of eclim (2.7.0), using it with a 
headless server. Autocompletion for java is working fine in Vim. 
Xml autocompletion based on a xsd file did not however, returning a 'E764: 
Option 'completefunc' is not set' error. After some digging 
around I noticed the complete.vim file is missing for xml 
(autoload/eclim/xml/complete.vim). I reinstalled eclim 2.7.0 twice, same 

Rolling back to eclim 2.6.0 and Eclipse Neon the file is present and 
autocompletion is working.

In both instances the build was succesful. (I can provided the installation 
log if needed but I need to redo the process in that case).

Regardless, many thanks for this piece of software!


Linux kalivm 4.9.0-kali3-amd64
Eclim 2.7.0
Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (Oxygen)
Vim 8.0
Tested on: Eclipses XMLExamples (golfcountryclub.xml)

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