While there are some men writing in ecofeminism (Jim Cheney, Douglas Buege) 
there does not seem to be any literature on how the environmental  and 
feminist movements together form a strong critique Of the dominant Western 
masculine tradition.  Does anyone know of any critical examinations (specifically 
ecofeminist critiques) of this position, particularly one that addresses masculinity 
rather than patriarchy.  While non-essentialist ecofeminists have pointed out the 
problems of a simple celebration of the 'feminine' there seems to be a theoretical 
gap on the reformulation of masculinity in the light of ecofeminism.  Do we still 
wish to keep some degree of polarity or are we looking at the creation of an 
androgynous gender?? Any responses would be hugely appreciated!
                        Love Essex Ecofeminist Group xxx.

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