Hello Eco-loggers

The Environmental Conservation and Research Center (ECRC) of the American 
University of Armenia and the Birds of Armenia Project (BOA) would like to 
invite interested parties for a joint research project.  

The ECRC /BOA has developed a long term research project on stork reproduction 
and nesting habits in Western Armenia.  We are mapping every nest in Armenia 
with GIS and following the success (# eggs, hatchling and nestling success) of 
every nest as part of a long term White Stork project.  Given the recent 
development of Bird flu in Dagobayzit, Turkey a mere 25 miles from the highest 
densities of the white stork population in Armenia, and the ability of the 
white stork to carry bird flu, we see an opportunity/necessity to expand our 
research.  We would like to invite interested parties to work with us to 
include issues of movement of white storks and longer migrations, threats 
associated with white stork movement, threats to European populations as well 

We would like to submit an application (Due Feb 3.) to Northstar Science and 
Technology transmitter grant program which supplies 8 free satellite 
transmitters.  However, we do need funding to cover the cost of satellite 
rental.  That is still to be discussed.  We would also be interested in 
applying for a USAID funded Global Development Alliance grant which is looking 
to support education/environment and bird flu issues.

Please contact me if you are interested or if you have questions.  Please 
forward this e-mail to any other list-servs or parties you think may be 
interested in collaboration.

Sincerely, Renee Richer 

Renee A. Richer, PhD
Assistant Professor
Director, Environmental Conservation and Research Center
American University of Armenia
40 Baghramian Avenue #136
Yerevan, Armenia 375019

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