Unfortunately, for the great majority of plant species, the kind of data you 
seek has never been compiled.  To take just the example I know best, the genus 
Achlys: after extensive searches on JSTOR, Google Scholar, and the stacks of an 
academic library, I still have zero information on its seed ecology or 
establishment rates (or indeed any aspect of its reproductive biology).  For 
ecology, I have had to content myself with gleaning forest vegetation surveys 
for the ones that name it in a table of plants found in a given forest type or 
vegetation association, and have found only one or two brief references to 
herbivory.  This, for a common, widespread plant that has been well-studied by 
phytochemists interested in its secondary metabolites.

Jason Hernandez

Date:    Thu, 12 Jun 2014 17:56:51 -0400
From:    =?windows-1252?Q?Natalie_Scott?= <nscott...@gmail.com>
Subject: Plant Ecology Websites for the PNW

Hello fellow ecologers,

I was wondering if anyone had any website suggestions for looking up
information on native plants in the Pacific Northwest. I am working on a
native plant guide for my job and am having a hard time finding informati=
on subjects like: ecology, seed ecology, establishment rates,herbivory an=
propogation techniques. I don't really have access to good libraries wher=
e I
am and my databases results (using things like Web of Science) are not
coming up with much.

Here are some websites I have been using:
Fire Effects Plant Database (for all plants):=20

Silvics Manual of North America (for trees):

Burke Museum of Natural History Plant Database:

Any suggestions?=20


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