You can also check out the Oregon Flora Project (

Also you may want to contact the site administrator for PDX Ecologists ( and ask to post your e-mail on their
listserv. I have found that folks are very helpful and respond to e-mails
quickly with valuable information. Many of the individuals also work in
restoration within the Portland area and will likely have information
regarding herbivory and establishment rates.


On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 2:56 PM, Natalie Scott <> wrote:

> Hello fellow ecologers,
> I was wondering if anyone had any website suggestions for looking up
> information on native plants in the Pacific Northwest. I am working on a
> native plant guide for my job and am having a hard time finding information
> on subjects like: ecology, seed ecology, establishment rates,herbivory and
> propogation techniques. I don't really have access to good libraries where
> I
> am and my databases results (using things like Web of Science) are not
> coming up with much.
> Here are some websites I have been using:
> Fire Effects Plant Database (for all plants):
> (
> Silvics Manual of North America (for trees):
> (
> Burke Museum of Natural History Plant Database:
> (
> Any suggestions?

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