The Alaska Natural Heritage Program, located within the Alaska Center 
for Conservation Science and the College of Arts and Sciences at the 
University of Alaska, Anchorage (UAA), invites applications for our 
Program Zoologist.  

The position will oversee the zoology program at the Alaska Natural 
Heritage Program (AKNHP) and be responsible for its continued success. 
This includes program development and overseeing all aspects of the 
zoology program and supervising research professional and technical 
staff in both the office and the field. The mission of the zoology 
program is to assimilate and synthesize information concerning animal 
species of conservation concern (rare or threatened, as well as 
invasive) in the state and to aid land management planning and species 
conservation in Alaska The program 
is involved in many areas related to wildlife biology, but primary 
focuses include habitat modeling, habitat field surveys, collection of 
biological data, conservation assessments, and biogeography of rare and 
invasive animals. 

The zoology program is the central repository of biological information 
on Alaska's rare animal species and tracks occurrence and range data for 
over 760 animals, which is available through several data portals. 
Habitat distribution models for over 330 vertebrate animals are 
available on the website for the Alaska GAP Analysis Project, which is 
maintained by the zoology program. The position is currently funded both 
by UAA and multiple grants (Alaska Department of Fish and Game, US Fish 
and Wildlife Service, and BLM). 

Qualifications include a MS or PhD with an emphasis in zoology, 
conservation biology, or related field. Excellent writing and oral 
communication/presentation skills are required. Proficiency in 
relational databases (Access) and GIS technologies (ArcGIS) is 
desirable. The incumbent must have the ability to collaborate 
effectively with biologists, conservation professionals, and resource 
managers of varying technical levels and with technical and scientific 
staff. Ability to coordinate and manage multiple tasks, and meet 
deadlines is required. Experience conducting fieldwork in remote or 
otherwise challenging conditions is desired. 

Responsibilities include writing papers and reports for funding agencies 
and scientific journals. The position requires writing proposals, 
preparing budgets for extramural funding, and pursuing additional 
avenues for extramural funding. Responsibilities also include: tracking 
budgets, travel encumbrances and personnel; solving complex ecological 
research questions using statistical analysis; knowledge of ecological 
principals and literature; and effective use of Geographic Information 
Systems. The position requires that the zoological database is kept up 
to date, including supervising staff on data entry and answering data 

Additional responsibilities include overseeing zoology fieldwork and 
working with other staff to ensure safe work conditions in remote places 
in Alaska. Serve on university committees as assigned or in areas of 
interest. Network with other UA researchers and collaborate with others 
in the scientific community.  

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