The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of 
Colorado, Boulder 
invites applications for a fungal biologist with an emphasis on ecology and/or 
evolution at 
the Assistant Professor (tenure track) level. We seek an individual with a 
background in fungal biology/mycology familiar with the range of approaches 
molecular methods) used to study fungi living in aquatic, terrestrial, or 
environments. Expertise could include, but is not limited to: fungal 
interactions with plant 
or animal hosts/symbionts, fungal disease ecology, fungal ecophysiology, fungal 
on ecosystem functioning, or fungal biodiversity and conservation. 

The successful candidate will mentor and teach at graduate and undergraduate 
levels and 
develop an externally funded research program. We offer a collaborative, 
stimulating, and supportive environment in which a new professor can thrive. 
For further 
information about the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology see

To apply, please collate the following into a single pdf file: cover letter, 
curriculum vitae, a 
list of at least three references and their contact information, and no more 
than five pages 
total on research, mentoring, and teaching. 
Application materials are accepted electronically at  
job # 

Evaluation of applicants will commence on 15 October 2016 and proceed until the 
is filled.

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