M.S. Graduate positions in insect behavior and multi-trophic interactions 
involving insect 
parasitoids will be available in Dr. Karen Kester’s lab in the Department of 
Biology, Virginia 
Commonwealth University, beginning August 2017. I seek students who are 
passionate about 
insects and possess a strong work ethic. Preference will be given to students 
with prior research 
experience and solid writing and quantitative skills. Current research includes 
mechanisms of 
speciation in braconid wasps, insect-plant interactions, and the thermal 
biology of tritrophic 
interactions. Interested persons are encouraged to submit by email 
(kmkes...@vcu.edu): 1) a 
letter describing their educational background and research experience, 
research interests, and 
educational and career goals, 2) a CV/resume (with GPA, GRE and TOFEL (if 
applicable) scores, 
and 3) the names of three references by December 31, 2016. Applications to the 
Graduate Program are due by January 15, 2017 
program-in-biology/). Competitive teaching assistantships with tuition waivers 
and other forms 
of support are available. 

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