See this paper for some ideas. I think it was published as part of the centennial celebration of the British Ecological Society.

Sutherland, W. J., R. P. Freckleton, H. C. J. Godfray, S. R. Beissinger, T. Benton, D. D. Cameron, Y. Carmel, D. A. Coomes, T. Coulson, M. C. Emmerson, R. S. Hails, G. C. Hays, D. J. Hodgson, M. J. Hutchings, D. Johnson, J. P. G. Jones, M. J. Keeling, H. Kokko, W. E. Kunin, X. Lambin, O. T. Lewis, Y. Malhi, N. Mieszkowska, E. J. Milner-Gulland, K. Norris, A. B. Phillimore, D. W. Purves, J. M. Reid, D. C. Reuman, K. Thompson, J. M. J. Travis, L. A. Turnbull, D. A. Wardle and T. Wiegand (2013). "Identification of 100 fundamental ecological questions." Journal of Ecology 101(1): 58-67.

Dear ECOLOG members,
As a M.S. student in New Hampshire who is in the process of designing her
master's thesis, I am looking to research unanswered and relevant questions
relating to terrestrial and ecosystems ecology and particularly those
focusing on landscape-level drivers of change (especially climate change).
I anticipate using GIS as a project tool and am open to doing field work,
though would probably be best working with existing data sets if analyzing
long-term trends.

*What questions in terrestrial ecology do you feel are important to answer
that could be done within the scope of a master's thesis? *I am looking to
focus my work in a topic that is relevant to the northeast and ideally is
in demand by a local or regional organization that could use the project in
decision making. Of course, any funding knowledge you have for projects of
this kind would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you have. While I have been
conducting literature reviews and perusing ResearchGate questions, I would
like to hear directly from other ecologists as to where they think our
current needs lie.

All the best,
Carolyn Loeb

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