Hello, Ecolog-L subscribers,

This is a reminder invitation to complete a brief, anonymous survey (
<https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DHCwg_SCB>* ) for a working group in the
Society for Conservation Biology (https://conbio.org/groups/wor
king-groups/diet-health-and-conservation/about/). We address the nexus of
food systems and biodiversity conservation, and will use survey results to
gauge awareness and application of this nexus in the conservation
community. An longer introduction is embedded in the survey.

Thank you if you completed the survey already. Thank you for the community
support by taking it *now*, if you have not yet. I see tremendous hope for
wildlife and ecosystem conservation at their intersection with food systems
around the world, and want to do some good work to develop that vision, and
manifest it with like-minded people.

As a reminder too: if you are a member of SCB, join our group (
You can join simply to support our work, or devote your chosen amount of
time to activities.

Happy change of seasons,

*Christa Rose*
*Native Species Support*
Wildlife Biologist, Vegan, Owner

*Stewardship for a Sustainable Earth* SM
*Steward Our Planet. Steward Yourself.* SM

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