Hello all!

For any of you that are a part of a non-profit wildlife/conservation based 
organization - I was hoping 
you could provide me with just a bit of very helpful feedback.

I am working on coming up with a few different strategies to assist smaller 
non-profits in achieving 
the most possible funding and donations - whether through tourist 
donations/public engagement activities/other donations etc (dependent on the 
ways in which the 
non-profit generates funds).

If you are involved in such, would you mind sharing with me your thoughts on 
the following 

1. On a scale of 1 - 5 (1 being "not important" and 5 being "very important") 
how important are 
donations to achieving the conservation goals of your non-profit?

2. What is perhaps the most challenging part of generating funds/donations that 
you have had 
during your experience (from the public and/or other donors)? 

3. Would you find it beneficial for a credible outside source - at no cost to 
you - to assess the 
effectivity of the current procedures/outreach/activities used by your 
non-profit in gaining 
donations? And then for that source to follow up with recommendations on 
possible ways to better 
your strategies for gaining funds? (based on research of your current 
procedures used) 

4. What do you wish you knew more about or could do better to possibly get more 

5. Do you feel that the public would provide you with more donations/fundings 
if they knew more 
clearly what your non-profit is about?

6. Do you feel that you have the time and/or resources needed to look more 
thoroughly into the 
effectiveness of how your current outreach methods are gaining you the most 
donations possible?

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond - I greatly appreciate your 

If you currently have your own non-profit and find interest in what I am asking 
- please send a 
separate email to this same address (mille...@mail.chapman.edu). I would love 
to hear from you.

Make sure to check out my website - whyshouldyoucare.org - and have an amazing 

Thank you,
Brittnei Miller

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