The Ries Lab ( in the Department of 
Marine and Environmental Sciences at Northeastern University’s Marine 
Science Center (MSC) seeks a graduate student interested in conducting 
federally funded research on the impact of past and future ocean 
acidification and warming on the process of calcareous 
biomineralization, to begin summer/fall 2017. Research will include 
employing a multi-disciplinary approach (scanning electron microscopy, 
x-ray diffraction, isotope geochemistry, microelectrode analysis, 
metatranscriptomics, proteomics, biomechanical analysis) to investigate 
the impact of past and future ocean acidification and warming on shell 
production, mineralogy, elemental chemistry, structure, function, and 
calcifying fluid chemistry. This opportunity affords access to newly 
acquired state-of-the-art analytical equipment at the MSC, including a 
laser ablation inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometer for trace 
element analysis, a powder x-ray diffractometer for mineralogical 
characterization, an environmental scanning electron microscope with 
energy dispersive spectrometry and electron backscatter diffraction for 
micro-imaging and elemental/mineralogical mapping of skeletal 
ultrastructure, and a 72-tank array for conducting ocean 
acidification/warming experiments.  The selected graduate student will 
receive interdisciplinary training in global change research, carbonate 
biogeochemistry, invertebrate biomineralization, isotope geochemistry, 
and deployment of pH microelectrodes and pH-sensitive dyes for 
quantifying calcifying fluid chemistry. The graduate student will be 
based at Northeastern University’s Marine Science Center 
(, located on the 
shores of Massachusetts Bay on the Nahant tombolo (13 miles north of 
downtown Boston).  The renovated MSC features a state-of-the-art flow 
through seawater facility, direct access to classic New England rocky 
shore intertidal study sites, an in-house SCUBA program, and small-craft 
research vessels.  Highly motivated and creative individuals with strong 
writing and analytical skills are encouraged to apply.  Interested 
individuals should apply to Northeastern’s Department of Marine and 
Environmental Sciences’ Ph.D. program in Ecology, Evolution, and Marine 
Biology (
degrees/eemb/) at  
Although applications will be accepted through December 15, 2016, 
earlier submission is strongly encouraged.  Please direct specific 
inquiries to Prof. Justin Ries (

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