Biodiversity Postdoc position--German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity 
Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig

We are looking for a biodiversity researcher to join Jon Chase’s ‘Biodiversity 
Synthesis’ working group at iDiv.  This is primarily a research position, but 
the successful candidate will also have the opportunity to participate in 
teaching and graduate education, as well as to collaborate with working groups 
visiting as part of the Synthesis Centre of iDiv (sDiv).  The successful 
candidate will be expected to work closely with Professor Chase, members and 
collaborators of his group, and other members of the iDiv community on one or 
more of the following projects: (1) theory and meta-analyses of scale-
dependent responses of biodiversity through space and time to natural and 
anthropogenic drivers using new tools developed by the group; (2) development 
of new tools and theory for dissecting environmental and spatial controls on 
metacommunity assembly at the taxonomic and functional level; (3) amassing and 
analyzing regional and global datasets for dissecting scale-dependent 
responses of biodiversity to environmental and historical biogeographic 
gradients; (4) a theoretical or empirical topic related to these developed in 
discussions with Prof. Chase.

Applications should consist of: (i) a statement describing the candidate’s 
background, skills and experiences that make them suitable for the position 
(1-2 pages) and a description of the types of research that would be of mutual 
interest (drawing on the categories above) (1-2 pages); (ii) curriculum vitae, 
and (iv) the names and email addresses of three individuals who could provide 
an evaluation of the candidate upon request. 

Full details of the job and how to apply can be found here:

For any questions or to indicate your interest in applying, feel free to 
contact me.

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