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Urban Biodiversity Research Coordination Network (UrBioNet)
Project: How does urban context influence functional traits across taxonomic

Open call for data and contributors!
UrBioNet is a global network for urban biodiversity research and practice
funded through the US National Science Foundation's Research Coordination
Network (RCN) program (NSF RCN: DEB# 1354676/1355151). We are currently
coordinating a collaborative research project focusing on the research
question: Does the urban context (of a site) influence the functional traits
of multiple taxonomic assemblages in consistent ways?  

To address this question, we are conducting a global analysis on a
collection of spatially explicit datasets for amphibians, bats, bees,
carabid beetles, butterflies, birds, mammals and plants, but may also
include additional groups if sufficient information can be collected in time.  

We are currently looking for collaborators who are interested in working
with us on this project, through the contribution of their datasets and
taxonomic expertise. If you would like to find out more, please visit our
project webpage at: 

Timelines for this project are relatively short as we want to submit our
collaborative multi-authored manuscript in early 2018. We'd love to hear
from you!

UrBioNet Patterns & Traits Project Coordinators:  Amy Hahs; Myla Aronson
UrBioNet Chief Investigators: Charlie Nilon; Myla

UrBioNet Urban Biodiversity Project Taxa Coordinators:

Dr Adriana Herrera Montes, Dr Ian MacGregor Fors

Dr Caragh Threlfall, Dr Kirsten Jung, Ela Carpenter

Dr Scott MacIvor, Dr Caragh Threlfall, Dr Nick Williams 

Dr Madhusudan Katti, Dr Ian MacGregor Fors, Dr Chris Lepczyk, Dr Chris Trisos

Dr Scott MacIvor, Julie Goodness 

Dr Marco Moretti, Dr Johan Kotze

Dr Chris Lepczyk, Dr Kirsten Jung

Dr Sonja Knapp, Dr Nick Williams, Dr Myla Aronson, Dr Amy Hahs, Max Piana,
Julie Goodness

Dr Marco Moretti, Dr Johan Kotze

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