Two Tenure-Track Positions in Biological Sciences at Butler University

Butler University is a private, comprehensive university with a strong 
tradition in the liberal arts and sciences, with about 4300 
undergraduate students. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has 16 
departments and programs, with the Department of Biological Sciences the 
largest in terms of the number of majors/minors. Our faculty consists of 
15 (soon to be 16!) outstanding classroom and laboratory instructors who 
also maintain active research programs involving undergraduate students. 
There are startup funds available for these positions.

We will be searching for a mycologist and a botanist (who will also 
serve as the Director of the Friesner Herbarium). For both positions, a 
successful candidate will be expected to be able to contribute to at 
least one of our three introductory courses – genetics, cell and 
molecular biology, and/or ecology and evolutionary biology – and upper 
level electives in the areas of specialization. We are looking forward 
to finding talented colleagues that will expand elective course 
offerings for our students. The typical teaching load is two courses a 
semester, although the botanist/herbarium director will receive a course 
reduction due to the administrative duties associated with the 

Butler University is located in Indianapolis, IN, a dynamic and 
affordable Midwestern city, with access to a variety of cultural events, 
festivals, fine dining, and glut of breweries.

The job ads will be posted on the Chronicle of Higher Education's 
website in the next few days. Until then, inquiries can be directed to 
the department chair,Travis Ryan (tryan[at]butler[dot]edu).

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