M.S. graduate student position to study the influence of soil heterogeneity
on plant diversity.   

This NSF funded project examines the role of soil heterogeneity and
aggregated seed arrival on plant community assembly in tallgrass prairies. 
In 2017, a large, field experiment was established to test how these factors
influence plant diversity and potentially relate to species coexistence. 
Additionally, the experiment has direct implications for the restoration of
grassland plant communities.  The position is in the Houseman lab at Wichita
State University (see link below) and the student will work at the WSU field
station and will be . The student will be responsible for collecting plant
and soil data from the experiment, supervising other technicians, analyzing
data, and submitting at least one paper for publication.  This position will
start either August 2018 or January 2019 although a paid technician position
is available in May 2018.

Application details: Interested students should contact Dr. Greg Houseman by
email for further information.

Gregory R. Houseman
Associate Professor
Wichita State University

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