Organization: Fairfax County Park Authority, Natural Resource Management 
and Protection Branch

Job title:  Natural Resources Intern (two positions available)
Location: Fairfax County, VA

Hours and compensation:  $12.50/hour, approximately 40 hours per week from 
June 4th-August 10th.  Holidays and leave are unpaid.  A vehicle will be 
provided for field work from the base office in Fairfax. Housing is 
available upon request. 

Application deadline:  March 2nd, 2018

Organization overview:  The Fairfax County Park Authority maintains 
approximately 24,000 acres of public land including natural areas, cultural 
resources, and recreational facilities.  The Natural Resource Management 
and Protection (NRMP) Branch falls under the Resource Management Division 
of the Park Authority, and is responsible for land stewardship and 
implementation of the agency’s Natural Resource Management Plan.  For more 
information please visit: 

 Position Description:  This internship is primarily field-based with only 
occasional office work.  Interns will work together as a pair to perform 
non-native invasive plant assessments on parkland across the county using a 
standard field protocol.  Interns will be trained in the survey method, 
conduct field surveys, and input their results into a GIS database.  
Interns will have the opportunity to participate in other field and 
educational activities conducted by the Natural Resource Management and 
Protection Branch as events arise.  This is an excellent opportunity to 
gain experience in the field of natural resources and develop field 
inventory skills.  Each intern will also have the opportunity to plan and 
implement a special 40-hour project in their area of interest.  

Qualifications and Skills: Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and 
have a strong interest in natural resource management and stewardship of 
public land.  Applicants should expect to be outdoors up to four days per 
week and should be willing to work outdoors in a hot, humid environment 
with abundant insects, ticks and chiggers. Applicants must be able to 
travel on foot in rough terrain, including over steep slopes, fallen trees 
and other obstacles, up to eight hours per day.   Applicants must possess a 
valid driver’s license.  Our interns will be working together as a team and 
must be able to cooperate and share responsibility.  Experience in GIS and 
GPS use, basic plant identification, and ecology are a plus.
How to apply:
Please email a letter of interest, resume and contact information for two 
references to Erin Stockschlaeder at by March 2nd, 

Reply via email to