The Washington Native Plant Society (WNPS) Conservation Committee is now 
accepting grant applications for on-the-ground projects that will restore, 
improve, or support functioning native plant  ecosystems in the State of 
Washington, USA.  Successfully funded projects must provide public benefit and 
align with conservation principles identified in the WNPS Conservation 
Statement.  Funds will be awarded based on the Committee's determination of 
which projects would bring the most significant ecological benefit and the 
likelihood of a project's long-term success.

Grant applications for 2018 will be accepted through March 1; responses will be 
sent by April 1.  Requests up to $1500 (USD) will be considered, as will 
smaller requests.  Funded projects will be featured in the WNPS flagship 
journal, Douglasia.  For application information see: .  For questions 
please contact Becky Chaney, Conservation Committee Chair:  425-880-4220 or<> .

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