Hi Everybody,

Just about 2 weeks left to get 90 more books sold to reach our 250 book goal
to get them to go to press! See below for details:

Because of your ties with academia and direct connections to fellow
professors and students/future wildlife biologists, I wanted to reach out to
you about The Wildlife Society’s new upcoming anthology, The Wildlife
Confessional in the hopes that you can help spread the word.

The project, which about biologists' adventures, misadventures, revelations,
reflections, mishaps, and pivotal experiences with wildlife, is backed by
The Wildlife Society and is being crowd funded through the publisher
Inkshares. If you are interested in purchasing copies, you can visit the
following link: 

Inkshares Campaign:

But more importantly, I am hoping you can help spread the word with fellow
professors and your students. Why? Well, this anthology is a labor of love,
and one of the primary reasons the authors and editors behind The Wildlife
Confessional have undertaken this project is to educate and attract students
to enter the field of wildlife biology. And The Wildlife Society will apply
the money raised through book sales to support student involvement in The
Wildlife Society by funding scholarships, grants, and training
opportunities. Your support will help us realize those goals.

In order to go to press, our goal is to sell 250 pre-orders (and an ultimate
goal of 750) paper or eBook copies by February 28, so I’m counting on people
like you to not only help support the project, but also to help spread the
word through social media and word of mouth. Please feel free to forward
this email to others, and if you see me promoting the project on Facebook,
remember that I’m counting on you to not only “Like” but to also “Share” the
links so that we can reach a wide audience.

You can also learn more about the project by visiting the following link:

Facebook Page:

Thanks for your help - if you have any questions, please reach out to me.



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