Good morning everyone,

The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (RSMAS) is proud
to present the new version of DAMSL, Digital Atlas of Marine Species and
Locations,, a digital website, viewing the underwater world of
over 3,500 marine species from the most prolific coral reefs in every
prominent equatorial system of our ocean world.  The images were captured
by world renowned  underwater photographer Myron Wang and donated to RSMAS.
By Myron and his wife Nicole.

The website will help students, academicians and enthusiasts explore worlds
beyond their classrooms and books.  RSMAS intends to lead the way in
studying the science and metrics of marine species providing full
encyclopedic content in the digital atlas.  The University of Miami RSMAS
is committed to setting the standard for ocean and atmospheric studies.

We are grateful to <> and <> who donated their services to make
this project possible. <> is a
full service design agency for both print and web.

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