The NOAA Fisheries Office of Science and Technology will be hosting a
symposium at the upcoming American Fisheries Society Meeting (August 19-23,
2018) in Atlantic City, NJ.entitled,

"Advances in Habitat Science to support an Ecosystem-Based Fisheries
Management Framework"

Symposium Description: Ecosystem-based fishery management (EBFM) has
evolved to become a cornerstone to managing the nation’s marine fisheries
and habitats sustainably. Ecosystem-based fishery management complements
and builds off-of traditional single species fishery management. Our
ability to effectively implement EBFM and make sound decisions depends on
access to reliable, accurate, and actionable ecological, social, and
economic information, tools, approaches, and models. NOAA Fisheries is in
the process of implementing ecosystem approaches to management based on
Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management (EBFM) Policy [1] and Roadmap[2]
adopted in 2016. The agency is on track to complete regional EBFM
implementation plans in 2018. Moving towards a holistic management approach
requires sound scientific information with an emphasis on improving our
understanding of environmental processes and stressors. The identification
of habitats that are essential for sustaining living marine resources is an
essential component. This symposium session will focus on research efforts,
available information, and new methodology and tools that will enable
decision-makers to gain a greater understanding of species-habitat
relationships, habitat vulnerability, habitat conditions, and management

        [1] NMFS. 2016. Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management Policy of the
National Marine
        Fisheries Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

        [2] NMFS. 2016. NMFS Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management Roadmap.

We invite presentations from all interested in participating. The
submission deadline is March 16th, and abstracts may be uploaded using the
following link:

Please contact Tony Marshak ( if you have any

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