The research lab of Dr. Hugh Safford at the University of California, Davis is 
recruiting a short-term (4-5 months) Staff Research Associate to be a part of a 
multi-agency team evaluating tree mortality in California National Forest 
lands. Since 2012, California has experienced extreme drought due to a 
combination of increased temperatures and low precipitation. Drought conditions 
have fueled extensive tree mortality across the forests of California. In 
addition to water stress, bark beetles are a very significant cause of 
mortality in most pine and fir trees. During 2016 and 2017, field data were 
collected in areas that have experienced beetle induced tree mortality (Sierra, 
Stanislaus, and Eldorado National Forests, and Yosemite National Park). Data 
were collected at paired treated and untreated sites to investigate if current 
forest management techniques are effective at enhancing the resistance (the 
ability of an ecosystem to withstand disturbance) and resilience (the ability 
of an ecosystem to return to its pre-disturbance condition) of pine-dominated 
stands to pine beetle outbreaks. We are currently seeking to hire an individual 
who can help analyze the existing field data and summarize the results in 1-3 
publications as well as communicate these outputs through presentations.

Negotiable, but Davis, CA or South Lake Tahoe, CA are preferred

Application deadline: March 11, 2018
Start date: Late March/early April
End date: 4-5 months from start date

$3926 - $4504 per month, depending on experience, plus options for health 

More Information:
Detailed position information and complete application instructions are posted 
in a file titled "TreeMortalityAnalysis_JobAnnouncement_SaffordLab_UCDavis.pdf" 
at the link below. Please review the instructions carefully before emailing 
with questions.

Thanks for your interest!

Rebecca Wayman
Associate Specialist (Forest and Fire Ecology)
Dept. of Environmental Science and Policy
University of California, Davis


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