I am seeking a Research Assistant to join me in the Peruvian Amazon, 7 km from 
the capital of 
Madre de Dios, Puerto Maldonado, from the 8th of April until the 15th of May 
2018. Research 
will be focused on insect biodiversity in a silvopastoral system. 

ReVerde is a 4 ha natural reserve, botanic garden and research farm which 
specialises in the 
development of sustainable agricultural production in the Amazon. We envisage 
an Amazon 
where landscapes and farmers support one another to increase the provision of 
services. Our mission is to promote the the development and dissemination of 
agriculture in the Amazon. We are currently developing agroforestry systems to 
increase the 
sustainability of cattle production in the Amazon. We work with lots of 
students from the local 

Shared accommodation and food is included. 

Please email lucydab...@gmail.com with the title INSECT BIODIVERSITY RESEARCH 

Best wishes

Lucy Dablin

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