The Stevens Lab, in the Department of Natural Resources Management at Texas
Tech University, is accepting applications for a graduate student
position.  Opportunities exist for either a Ph.D. or M.S. student.  The
graduate student would be supported on a grant from the Texas Department of
Transportation.  Responsibilities would be to conduct a survey to inform a
study on the use by bats of highway structures in the Trans-Pecos region of
Texas.  In particular, the study aims to identify the relative
contributions of highway structure characteristics, habitat, landscape
structure and land-use on roosting behavior of bats.  Other
responsibilities would include data management, including incorporating
data into a GIS and report writing.  This research will allow abundant
opportunities for research in both applied and basic community and
population ecology.  Those interested should contact Richard Stevens at

Richard D. Stevens

Associate Professor

Department of Natural Resources Management and

Museum of Texas Tech

President, Texas Society of Mammalogists

(806) 834 6843

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