I am writing to see if any of you have any insect stocks you can spare (and giant African millipedes and Emperor scorpions).  This is for an upcoming (soon!) event in Washington DC, and we will culture these long-term in the new invertebrate lab we have started. Other species of particular interest (but again we are interested in anything that's on our permit!):  Eurycnema , Heteropteryx, Pharnacia, Phobaticus....  also Dynastes, Megasoma, Chalcosoma... but really anything on our permit would be great for the event!

Please email: invertebrate.studies.instit...@gmail.com and/or call: 352-281-3643

Please let me know what you can spare (especially adults, but any stage is fine) etc.

* Will have nice cultures up and running later this year and WILL TRADE to permitted labs!


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