Job announcement
Title: Researcher in ecological modeling on "The consideration of large
wild ungulates in an integrated territorial approach" (f/m) in Nogent-
le-Vernisson (45), France

Irstea is the National Research Institute of Science and Technology for 
Environment and Agriculture. It focuses on three main social challenges: 
sustainable management of land and water, natural hazards and  
environmental quality. Within the framework of French and European 
research, the Institute carries out research in support of public 
policies and in partnership with industry. It employs 1,550 people 
across nine regional centres in France.

The Forest Ecosystems Research Unit (EFNO) located in Nogent-sur-
Vernisson is composed of about forty researchers,engineers and 
technicians. The research carried out mainly deals with lowland forest 
ecosystems and silvicultural management
practices favorable to the preservation of forest biodiversity.

Your mission will be to design and apply dynamic models of plant-
herbivore interactions that allow studying the sustainability of managed 
forest ecosystems. You are a modeler capable of integrating different 
abiotic and biotic interactions modulated by the abundance and species 
composition of large ungulates, notably through herbivory, physical-
chemical changes in the soil and plant seed dispersal. Sensitivity 
analysis of the modeling work will make it possible to identify the 
parameters that determine forest dynamics (regeneration and plant 
communities). The modeling work will finally test different forest-
ungulate scenarios for an integrated approach to the effects of large 
wild ungulates at the scale of the territory.

The research position is expected to consolidate and enhance with his 
disciplinary skills the research of the team FONA on the effects of 
large wild ungulates on the forest ecosystem. The activities will 
reinforce intra and inter team collaborations within Irstea (DTGR in 
Grenoble), particularly on aspects of forest renewal and biodiversity 
conservation. This work will benefit from a wellestablished national 
partnership on behavioral ecology (CEFS), population dynamics of large 
ungulates (LBBE and ONCFS) and their effects on biodiversity (CEFE). 
International relations focus on integrated ecosystem management 
(Université Laval & SLU), effects on regeneration (FURN & IUFRO WP 
1.01.12) and the role of wild ungulates in plant dispersal (University 
of Trier, Ghent and Warsaw, ALTER-Net).

Holder of a PhD in applied modelling or ecology, you have solid 
knowledge in ecosystem modeling (functioning and dynamics) and ecology 
(interactions between plants and herbivory). Thematic knowledge on 
forest ecosystems, ecology of large herbivores and biotic interactions 
would be appreciated. You have great writing skills, good oral 
communication skills, work skills in a multidisciplinary team and master 
the English language perfectly.

Anders MÅRELL – Researcher, team leader FONA - + 
33 238 95 04 53
Frédéric ARCHAUX – Assistant Regional Director - Director of the 
Research Unit EFNO - -
+ 33 238 95 66 79

How to apply
Application form can be obtained :
- on the website: link "Nous rejoindre" and then link 
"concours externes"
- or by contacting the recruitment centre: - +33 140 
96 60 37 or 60 91

Full application should be submitted before April 12th 2018 and sent to:
Direction des Ressources Humaines et des Relations
Sociales – Pôle RMDC
1 rue Pierre-Gilles de Gennes CS 10030
F-92761 ANTONY Cedex

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