Hello everyone

Final reminder that the abstract submission period for the 5th
International Marine Conservation Congress, and Oceans Onliine, closes on
16 March*, *at 23:59NDT.

The theme of the Congress is *Making Marine Science Matter. *The Congress
will be organized around specific topics of interest for marine
conservation in general, as well as the local geographic region. The list
below is not meant to be exhaustive but merely a guide for those submitting
abstracts - other topics of interest are absolutely welcomed.

   - Communicating marine conservation
   - Fisheries, aquaculture, and the oceans
   - Marine food security
   - Conservation and management of the Arctic and Antarctic
   - Conservation and management of tropical marine ecosystems
   - Conservation engineering
   - Ocean science technology
   - Marine energy
   - Marine policy
   - Climate, ocean acidification, and the changing oceans
   - Culture and the marine environment
   - Advancing marine conservation through international treaties
   - Effective marine conservation planning
   - Participation in marine conservation science (e.g. citizen and
   indigenous science)
   - Marine tourism
   - Estuary and coastal restoration
   - Conservation at the land-sea interface
   - The marine conservation community

OceansOnline proposals should be relevant to marine conservation
communication, online tools, and resources for marine conservation and
science. Proposals for OceansOnline should select the “OceansOnline”
category and sub-category of workshop, tool demonstration or facilitated

More info about IMCC and OceansOnline can be found at our website, where
you can also find links to submit your abstract (registrations are now
open, too) We look forward to seeing you in Kuching!

Katie Walters
SCB Marine Communications Officer

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